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At Camp Lau-Ren, we want everyone to be comfortable and ready to participate in programs where the quality of the experience is more important than fashion. Camp Lau-Ren’s dress code is meant to promote a sun-safe and conservative standard to campers from a variety of backgrounds and denominations. The Camp Director applies what is appropriate and has the authority to ask anyone to change clothes that fall outside of the camp’s guidelines.

Shoulders and heads are to be covered during the day to avoid sun exposure (i.e., not just sun visors). Campers will wear one-piece bathing suits or respectable tankinis on the beach and at waterfront activities. The following items are not permitted: offensive logos or art work; spaghetti straps, halter tops, tank tops or bare stomachs; visible underwear; low-cut or revealing tops, pans, mini-skirts or shorts.

Flip flops, crocs or open-toed shoes may not be worn for any outdoor activity except going to and from the waterfront, so be sure to pack sturdy running shoes.

Clothing: Light coloured clothing deters the attraction of insects.  Since the mornings and evenings can be chilly, campers are encouraged to bring a variety of clothing such as jacket, sweater/fleece sweatshirt/hoodie, warm pyjamas, lots of shorts, jean/long pants, shirts/t-shirts, underwear and socks.  Rain coat is recommended because most camp activities will continue in the rain.

Camp Lau-Ren is “sun safe” so modest one-piece bathing suit or full tankini (top must cover waistband of bottom piece) is mandatory. Campers are in and out of the water a few times every day so an extra bathing suit is recommended. Bring 1 – 2 beach towels as well.

A hat/ball cap with a full visor is also required when campers are on the beach.

We do a lot of outdoor activities so rubber soled running shoes are very important.  To prevent injury to toes and feet, shoes must be closed-toed.  Crocs, flip flops or sandals can be worn to and from the beach but running shoes must be worn at all other times.  Campers may want to wear “water shoes” when swimming or canoeing.

Packing a big water bottle will help keep your camper hydrated.  Staff are always encouraging them to use the outdoor water fountains.

Insect repellent is highly recommended.  The bugs can be annoying, especially at campfire in the evening.

Toiletries: Towel, face cloth, cup, soap, brush or comb, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo

Bedding: Warm sleeping bag, mattress cover (sheet), pillow, extra blanket

Optional: Pen, paper, book, camera, musical instruments are welcome. Bibles are available at camp. Some directors will encourage campers to bring costumes or props.

Tuck: $20 – $25 to buy treats at the Tuck Shop and helps us with our Mission Project.  All money is deposited in the Camp Bank.

Labelling your clothing and personal belonging is recommended. 

Camp Lau-Ren has partnered with Loveable Labels! 20% of every order will support our camp! Place your order online at: www.CampLauRen.loveablelabels.ca   

For more information, click here.

(Remember to include Camp Lau-Ren in the section on the checkout asking if the order is related to a Fundraiser.)


Bikinis, tank tops or tops with spaghetti straps, non-medicinal drugs, comic books, smart phones, DVD players, iPods, MP3 players, radios, curling irons, or other electrical appliances, knives or anything that can be construed as a weapon, aerosol cans, food of any kind.

All parents/guardians will be asked on arrival at camp to keep any cell phones or ipods as they are not allowed at camp.


During check-in and check-out, the Camp Store, which is located in the Resource Centre (beside the Infirmary) is open to sell t-shirts, hoodies, caps, barbecue wands, water bottles and souveniers.  All proceeds from the camp store help us improve the facilities or go toward camp programming.

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