Wish List

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We have created a Wish List and prioritized it in terms of “need” versus “nice to have”.

Below is a list of 12 things that Camp can always use. Please ensure you include your contact information so that we can thank you and/or provide a tax receipt for some items.

1. Tent Poles                                                                                            

Priority – Important

Are you throwing out an old tent?  We’d love to have the poles – we are always repairing and replacing tent poles.

2. LED light bulbs for standard sockets (60 watts) 

Priority – Important

Camp is a pretty bright at night, much to the relief of little campers who need to use the bathroom at night.

3. Sand, Gravel and Topsoil

Priority – Very Important

Anyone who owns a house or property knows the value of a load of gravel. This may seem like a very unglamorous contribution but anyone who has seen the pathway to the beach after a heavy rain will understand its importance. Gravel, sand, topsoil and mulch are used on the playing field, around the cabins and along the road. If you are interested in this type of donation, please contact Ron Hartnett at hartnett@sympatico.ca so he can recommend a specific supplier.

4. Box Fans and Brooms

Priority – Very Important

Camper comfort is important on hot summer nights so fans help cool down the hot night air. Sand and pine needles get tracked into the cabins every day, so brooms help keep the cabins clean.

5. Kayaks                          

Priority – Nice to have

Although we have lots of canoes, we can always use more water toys. This donation needs to be reasonably new (minimum 5 years) and in excellent condition to ensure water safety for our campers and staff.

6. Riding lawnmower

Priority – Nice to have

Our push mower is working just fine but our caretaker would feel really special if he could take a little break from his busy day and hop on a riding lawnmower. It should be 1-3 years old and freshly tuned.

7. Musical instruments                                              

Priority – Important

A music stand and/or mic stand would push our talent night into the professional league. We already have a keyboard but percussion instruments such as tambourines, shakers or high-quality djembes would be really fun.

8. Printer paper

Priority – Important

Email messages from home are the big highlight for our campers and we go through a lot of paper in the summer. Letter-sized paper in the original packaging (versus recycled) would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to donate any of the above items, please contact Ron or Joanne Hartnett at Hartnett@sympatico.ca in advance. We would love your donation but we need to ensure we don’t get six riding lawnmowers …


Gift cards can be purchased anytime and mailed to the following address:

Camp Lau-Ren, PO Box 1670, Deep River, ON, K0J 1P0

9. $20-$50 gift cards from Michael’s or Walmart

Priority – Important

We always stock the Craft Hall with glue sticks, paint, twine/tread, paint, brushes, paper and much more.

10. $50-$200 gift cards from Canadian Tire

Priority – Very Important

Paddles and life jackets wear out quickly and are constantly being purchased. Gift cards are the best option because the staff can purchase the supplies according to size. These gift cards can also be used to purchase replacement walkie-talkies, sports equipment, tents, kitchen gadgets and maintenance supplies such as lawnmower fuel and extension cords.

11.  $50-200 gift cards from Loblaws and Giant Tiger

Priority – Very Important

Camp Lau-Ren is known for its exceptional food and we feed a lot of people in the summer! But food is also served at our Open House in June and when we train our new leaders and counsellors in May.


Priority – Very Very Important

Camp Lau-Ren always accepts good old cash.

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