Friends of Camp Lau-Ren

Remembering and Reconnecting

The Camp Lau-Ren Board of Directors has started “Friends of Camp Lau-Ren” to remember and reconnect with past, current and future Lau-Ren Friends.

Camp Lau-Ren is a very special place for many people and has touched thousands of people over the years.  If you were a Camper, Counsellor, Leader, Director, Summer Staff member, Board Member, helped out at a work day or week and/or were involved with Camp Lau-Ren in any way, we would love to hear from you.

There is no cost to join Friends of Camp Lau-Ren.

As we move forward and build our Lau-Ren family, we have created a variety of activities, such as newsletters, open houses, celebrating Camp Lau-Ren’s anniversaries and reunions.  There are many opportunities to be active in our camp community.

If you are interested, send an email to – we’ll contact you with more information.


Confidentiality of your Personal Information:

Is your information going to be stored on a website and administered by an outside party? No, we will store and run this program internally, meaning that the Alumni Committee has your information. We want to make sure your information is protected. We do not want to run a program through a website that will result in you receiving spam or junk email.

The only people who see your personal information are the following: Alumni Committee, Board of Directors, Registrar and Executive Directors. We will not give out your information to anyone else without your permission because Camp Lau-Ren has a Privacy Policy in place. For more information on this, please visit Privacy Policy or contact our Privacy Officer, Holly Burns, at