Friends of Camp Lau-Ren

Who are we?

Friends of Camp Lau-Ren is a group dedicated to building and sustaining an active, dedicated group of volunteers who support the life-changing experiences that Camp Lau-Ren provides to children and adolescents each summer.

For over 70 years, Camp Lau-Ren has continued to grow and prosper. Whether a Friend of Camp Lau-Ren is a former camper, staff, parent, volunteer or supporter, Friends of Camp Lau-Ren is committed to creating ways to celebrate and keep friends connected, wherever they are.

What’s our purpose?

Using the diverse interests, talents and backgrounds of the members of Friends of Camp Lau-Ren, Friends of Camp Lau-Ren works in partnership with the Camp Lau-Ren Board of Directors to develop and support the work of Camp Lau-Ren through:

 – The use of social media to raise awareness and visibility of Camp Lau-Ren.

– Assisting Camp Lau-Ren in the growth of its activities and programs.

– Supporting the development of events and programs to promote Camp Lau-Ren.

– Increasing opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to increase awareness, pride, participation, volunteer involvement and philanthropic commitment to Camp Lau-Ren.

What are my responsibilities as a member?

– Take a genuine interest in the success of Camp Lau-Ren and promote and advance the interests of Camp Lau-Ren.

– Understand the goals, objectives, and desired outcomes of the Friends of Camp Lau-Ren.

– Encourage and support the goals of Camp Lau-Ren through both volunteer and financial efforts.

– Promote and support fundraising efforts for Camp Lau-Ren.

– As much as possible, participate in the Camp Lau-Ren community, attend events, volunteer and create new ways for Friends of Camp Lau-Ren to stay connected to Camp Lau-Ren and contribute to its success.

– Encourage the engagement of fellow Friends of Camp Lau-Ren to attend events and participate in fundraising activities.

– Support the fostering of strong and mutually beneficial ties between Camp Lau-Ren and the Friends of Camp Lau-Ren.

What are the benefits of being a member?

Members will benefit by:

– Developing connections

– Giving back to the community

– Staying informed

– Expanding personal skills

– Helping campers and staff

– Receiving a 10% discount on camp apparel at the Camp Store

How do I register?

There are no membership fees to participate in Friends of Camp Lau-Ren. Anyone of legal age with an interest or past involvement in Camp Lau-Ren is welcome to apply to be a member of Friends of Camp Lau-Ren by completing the registration process. To complete the registration process, click on this link which will direct you to the registration form.* The Registration process offers two options – to only receive information about Camp Lau-Ren activities or to be an Ambassador for Camp Lau-Ren (realizing that your level of engagement may vary based on personal commitments). The form has been revised and it only takes a minute to complete!

*Approval of such registration is at the discretion of the Camp Lau-Ren Board of Directors.

To review the Terms of Reference for Friends of Camp Lau-Ren, click here

If you would like more information, send an email to – we’ll contact you with more information.


Confidentiality of your Personal Information:

Is your information going to be stored on a website and administered by an outside party? No, we will store and run this program internally, meaning that the Friends of Camp Lau-Ren Steering Committee has your information. We want to make sure your information is protected. We do not want to run a program through a website that will result in you receiving spam or junk email.

The only people who see your personal information are the following: Alumni Committee, Board of Directors, Registrar and Executive Directors. We will not give out your information to anyone else without your permission because Camp Lau-Ren has a Privacy Policy in place. For more information on this, please visit Privacy Policy