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Friends of Camp Lau-Ren:

Looking back over fifty years, we find that Camp Lau-Ren not only has a long record of community service, but also a track record of growth and improvement in both Camp programs and facilities. We have applied the message of the Gospel by giving children of all backgrounds a Christian experience in our beautiful outdoor setting.

Several years ago the Board of Directors created a mission project called the Vera Forrest Campership Fund, as well as a Special Gifts Program.

Vera Forrest was the camp registrar for Camp Lau-Ren for many years and she was a dedicated volunteer in our community.  When she was killed tragically, the Board of Directors made the decision to honour her by creating a fund for families who are not in a strong financial situation to send their children to camp.

Special Gifts are significant monetary contributions to Camp Lau-Ren. The Government of Canada promotes charitable gifts through attractive tax advantages for the giver. For example, a financial contribution through a will can divert a large sum to Camp Lau-Ren which would otherwise have been paid to the government as tax. Also, a $5,000.00 contribution can be left to camp through an insurance policy for which the holder pays as little as $650.00 over five years.

Both of these programs, will ensure there will continue to be a strong and effective Christian community of faith.

We invite you to make a beginning with us and initiate the first step. To reach the Board of Directors, you can write to:

Lau-Ren Camp Corporation

Attn: Special Gifts Committee

P.O. Box 1670

Deep River, ON K0J 1P0

Many thanks … and God Bless.


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